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The Association of Basque Entrepreneurs in Cuba | AEVC


The AEVC was founded on the 22nd of February 2001 and the following are its goals:

• To promote and encourage economic relations between the Basque entrepreneurs located in Cuba and the Cuban Organisms and companies.

• To cooperate with the Cuban companies and Organisms that are interested in maintaining economic relations with the Basque Country and with Basque companies and organisations.

• To support the Basque entrepreneurs who are developing their activities in Cuba.

• To bring the initiatives, claims and aspirations of the Members before the Cuban Bodies, Organisms and Companies through the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba.

• To develop the spirit of solidarity amongst the Members, preventing unfair competition and actions that stray away from the path of professional ethics.

• To intensify the relations amongst the Members. To carry out socio-cultural activities, organising conferences, talks and events of a similar nature to study topics of interest for the Members.